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tpc_009_250816Rest assure there are $100,000.00 Timber Replacement Warranties. Not all warranties are the same and the same applies to the way homes are built they are all unique. You may have the nicest and best looking home in the world but if the home is constructed in a way that does not allow adequate protection, you may find you are not able to gain a warranty, this doesn’t stop you getting the best possible system and a treatment warranty available, you just may not be able to gain a $100,000.00 timber replacement warranty.

Most issues that surround not getting a timber replacement warranty are when the home has split levels especially of trying to apply a chemical barrier in accordance with AS3660.2 although you can rest assure that your next option maybe the Exterra Interception & Baiting system.

Homes constructed on concrete slabs with no cold joints or step down retaining walls normally are homes that allow adequate protection using a chemical application but also allow an adequate Exterra Interception & Baiting system is an acceptable method of protection. .

Homes constructed on slabs with retaining walls and step downs/split level homes usually require an Exterra Interception & baiting system.


Lets get straight into what a Warranty is and how it protects you, the home owner. Most companies offer a ‘treatment warranty’ this is stating that if live termites are located inside the interior of the structure after a system has been installed, they will come out and treat them FREE. Note: this is not a timber replacement warranty.

Timber Replacement Product Warranty or as stated by Termidor, $100,000.00 Timber Replacement assurance warranty – They cover the damage if the live termites are found travelling through the treated area, so this is if the product fails. This is great support, but the hardest thing in termite management is finding the termite entry point, as the home in most occasions is never pulled down just to find a termite entry point. Exterra Interception & Baiting System comes with a $100,000.00 warranty, as normal conditions apply.

Termite Insurance – The first only termite insurance backed by Rapid Solutions under writer Pacific International. This policy covers termite treatments and repairs if live termites are located within the home, regardless of how they entered the home. To obtain this insurance you must have a full monitoring and Baiting system like Exterra managed by a professional licensed and accredited company Like The Pest Company or a treated zone or chemical barrier installed. Like any warranty or insurance policy the property must be inspected annually without fail. This product ┬áis also available for Physical Termite Barriers.

It is understandable that if you have massive gardens beds covering exterior weep holes, inadequate drainage, high moisture or leaks then it is highly likely insurance is not possible until the conducive conditions are rectified.

Best option moving forward is have your home inspected for termites with TPC- Ph: 1300552234

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