TERM seal Termite Barrier

TermSeal Pre Construction Termite Barrier AS3660.1 TermSeal Pre Construction Termite Barrier AS3660.1

Term seal is used for Termite Pre Construction Industry ( New Homes, Extensions and Renovations)

The Pest Company use Term Seal in many different situations that require a Paint on product like Cold Joints in slabs, Block Retaining walls, the Termseal System provides exceptional protection from Termite ingress.

TS wall 1 TS wall 3 TS wll

Retaining walls using Termseal Termite barrier AS3660.1

Term Seal Multipurpose is has the Termiticide Bifenthrin used in the System for a repellant to Termites, itis an ideal product for Cold Joints and Services penetrations, especially when the builder forgets too “Call before you Pour” when the Service penetrations (Pipes)  are covered by concrete.   

Detail Shown below – See photos

Construction joint protection. 

Construction Joint Protection Construction Joint Protection

Protecting a Retaining Masonry Retaining Walls ( Back filled masonry Wall )

Term Seal is perfection in protection in protection of Retaining wall in under ground when maximum protection is required. Term Seal  acts as a secondary moisture barrier when used in conjunction with your Professional Water Proofing.

Retaining wall Protection Retaining wall Protection

Term Seal is a licensed Product and The Pest Company are Licensed Term Seal Installers.

Termseal Slab Cuts

A photo of term seal termite barrier to pipe relocation’s and saw cuts in slab during a renovation

Term Seal Barrier

Termseal – Ura-fen Perimeter Protection is ideal for Brick Veneer Structures , whether infill slab or monolithic slab Termseal has an answer for protection.

Ura-fen twb- Termseal     
Ura-fen twb- Termseal Perimeter
Ant Capping Installation            
Perimeter Barrier Perimeter Barrier

Termseal Pole Plate - Subfloor bearers and joists

Ant Capping Installation

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