Altis Reticulation System

downloadThe Altis Reticulation Termite System is Ideal for New or Existing Homes. The System is used to deliver a Chemical through the System Altis (Pipes)

Altis is used in New Homes for Under Slab Protection, Perimeter Protection and also Cold Joints in Slabs.

Altis is the best Reticulation system to use when your pouring a new Slab up against the existing slab or Brick wall.   Most importantly when pouring a new slab against the Existing brick wall is to expose the soil away from the wall to the “top” of Footing. The Pipe (Altis) is then laid in the Prepared Cold Joint area and covered with soil.

As per the photos below Altis is also used to apply chemical to Existing homes for the ongoing Termite Managemnt of the Property.

Click here for the Altis PDF file – 2.4 MB

Altis has approved a large range of chemicals to be applied to the Altis System. Every Home, Renovation and extension will always have its individual needs, Call us on 1300 55 22 34 to get further information .

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