Premise Termite Barrier


Premise Termite Protection (treated Zones) are the new Barriers now Called Treated Zones, as Premise is a non – Repellent Termiticide, in which allows Termites to travel into the Premise chemical for their last feed. The Pest Company has used Premise on 1000’s of occasions and have had 100% success rate when a full Barrier has been installed.

Premise Features – “The Safer Option ”

  1. Provides a highly effective treated zone
  2. Kills Termites
  3. Produces no measurable Air Bourne Residues
  4. No Solvents
  5. No Risk to humans
  6. No Irritancy  

Premise has a life Expectancy of 5 years on the label.( In Ideal Conditions )

Long Lasting protection of your home

Premise Barrier

Since the launch of Premise by Bayer there has been over 1 million homes have been successfully treated around the world and over 200,000 in Australia.    

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