Exterra Interception & Baiting System

Exterra Protection The Exterra Termite Interception & Baiting System is a perfect way to intercept foraging termites and to concentrate termite feeding in Exterra Stations. Termites are consistantly foraging for food and moisture beneath the services – Under the soil , under paths, mulch pavers and concrete. The In-ground Exterra Stations containing inserted timber interceptors are embedded in the soil around the perimeter of your home or commercial property.

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The Pest Company trained staff will then check the stations every 2 months to pick up any foraging Termites, These inspections are an essential part of the system, if the Termites are in the stations we want to be there to apply the bait , so we can say bye bye to the Termite Colony once an elimination has been achieved.

The Pest Company have over 250 installed sites and are continuing to protect homes from Termites.

Live Termites below showing Signs of Requiem intoxication within one of The Pest Company ‘s Exterra Sites – See photo

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Exterra Requiem Termite Bait is added to the In-ground Station when Live Termites are found. The bait is called “Requiem Termite Bait – It is a Chitin Synthesis Inhibitor. A key component of a termite’s exoskeleton is the substance chitin. Sounds technical although in easy terms – Without chitin termites cannot complete their natural moulting process so if Termites do not Moult they die. we know it works and works well. Once we have eliminated the colony we will place new Timber Interceptors back in the stations for regular inspections.

Rest assure studies show that Requiem has a very low level of mammalian toxicity, so you, your family and pets are safe. The stations are also secured to minimise any tampering.

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“Exterra is a great solution when property construction makes Termite protection difficult, Exterra provides confidents in Termite Management on just about every property”  – Luke Taylor Director The Pest Company  

As licensed pest managers, we are familiar with the unique features and benefits of each option, and can explain why a particular choice would be ideal for your situation.

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