Termidor Termite Barrier

Termidor has a life expectancy of 8 years as indicated on the label. * In ideal Conditions

Termidor not only has 8 years Life Expectancy on the Label it is a “Non Repellant Chemical,” Why is this important – Termites travel with limited fear, they love moisture and food and they do what ever it takes to get it.

“Non Repellant Chemical” – Termites travel through the Treated area unbeknown to them.

“Repellant Chemical” – Termites are repelled by the chemical

Repellent Chemicals Repell Termites which is great, right! – But what if the Termites are smarter than we think!!

Think isn’t the word we should be using in this case, This is real facts Termites will know if a Repellant chemical is in its way , Knowing this they will never stop looking for a way in for a feed. If the barrier is in perfect condition then we can rest assure BUT even if a few millimetres of soil are not treated correctly eg – When drilling into concrete and injecting chemicals for protection of the home , there can be at times rocks, hard clay, issues with the type of soil. Voids in the soil play havock with Chemical Barriers, thats why we recommend Termidor  for Termite Barrier applications.

We recommend  Termidor as it is a non repellant – Treated Zone as Termites don’t know the Termidor is in the soil, so they travel directly into the treated zone – providing us with   “Bye Bye Termites”

We also understand that not every chemical  is suited for every application, thats why The Pest Company provide options in Termite Management which involves a choice of chemical.

Termidor is noted to have a transfer effect from one Termite to another and so on,  which is achieving great results in Termite Management.

THE PEST COMPANY – Accredited applicators of Termidor

The Pest Company are accredited operators of Termidor. The Pest Company have completed hundreds of Chemical applications using Termidor without any failures. We Recommend Termidor for Chemical Barrier applications and Infestations. We have found that with the use of Termidor and a registered foaming agent together we gain elimination from infestations in homes. The product is great if used correctly along with professional application techniques to ensure minimal Termite disturbance. Remembering – always ensure Terimdor chemical barrier / Treated zone is also installed in conjunction with an Active Termidor Foaming Treatment.


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