Termite Management Program

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Termite treatment – Treating termites with an approved chemical requires patience and skill. The most important step is not to disturb the termites, this helps in the treatment process. Active termites must be present to allow a treatment of active termites possible.

Termite Management program – What’s involved!

1. A visual Termite Inspection must be completed to all surrounding areas including the structure prior to any treatments.

2. Once termites have been located, they must be treated with minimum disturbance as possible. The termites must come in direct contact with the chemical to be a successful treatment. This section of the management program is an essential part which must always be completed by a qualified and experienced termite management technician.

3. Once the termites have been treated the areas are to be closed up ie Taped or covered to allow minimum disturbance to the working termites.See Photo below

4 Patience – Waiting at least 3 -4 weeks is required to give the termites time to travel back and forth from the site to the nest to help in the process of eliminating the colony ( nest ). Taking your time at this stage is critical in ensuring a successful eradication of the colony.

5. Re inspection of the areas treated. A further invasive inspection is now required and assistance from a qualified builder is always considered and essential part of the invasive inspection.  All areas treated should be opened to allow a visual inspection of all damaged areas. Why ? – 1. To check for live active termites , if found further treatments will be required to be carried out. 2. To determine structural damage 3. To find termite entry points.

6. Once the property has been checked and assessed by a qualified and licenced builder and the live active termites are no longer visable, then a Termite Barrier/treated zone can be applied or an Interception & Baiting System.

Depending the property we will recommend an option like –

Termidor 10 yrs of Trusta). The Termite Barrier/treated zone is then installed as per Australian Standards AS3660.2.2000. The areas treated in conjunction with this standard will be determined by the type of design and  materials used during construction of the property. Applying the chemical and the types of chemical treatments are found in the Termite Treatment section of this site – Termidor   &     Premise.


logo_exterra[1]b) The Exterra Interception & Baiting System- Exterra

Treatment Program – Cut access panel for treatment , Tape up the area and leave for 3 -4 week, install Vent for regular Inspections


* Please Note: Not all situations are like the above photos due to excessive Termite Damage to walls, all wall Lining may need to be removed to rectify Damaged framing and roof timbers.

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