Termite Inspections

Termite Inspections

TPC® The Pest Company Inspect Properties for Termites and Offer a Detailed Inspection report, our inspections are always in accordance with the Australian Standards as Listed below.

  • Visual Termite Inspection in Accordance with AS3660.2 (Termite Inspections) covering Termite Inspections Gold Coast, Northern Rivers NSW, Tweed Heads – Byron Bay NSW , and all areas in Brisbane.
  • Timber Pest Inspection in Accordance with AS4349.3 (Termite Inspection, Borer Inspection, Timber Decay Fungi (Rot) Inspection) Timber Pest and Building Inspections Gold Coast, Northern Rivers NSW – Tweed Heads – Byron Bay to Ballina.

Question “Is it possible for Visual Termite Damage to occur within 5 hours”
Answer “YES it is” – This damage was found on a return visit to a property 5 hours after the first initial Termite inspection on the Gold Coast  –   ( maybe it was first missed! , when I first inspected this property and ensured that this door head was only partly damaged , on returning 5 hours later more damaged had occurred, Opened my eyes that’s for sure after 16 years in the industry. Luke Taylor – Director The Pest Company Gold Coast. The Below image shows Termite damage on the right hand side – This was evident on the first inspection, 5 hours later Damage shown lower left side!!! The amount of Termites on the Gold Coast and Brisbane seriously surprises me time after time, every day a TPC technician finds live active termites, the financial damage is devastating for every property owner.

Termite Damage

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Thermal Camera and moisture used on every inspection flir 1

Houses with a Subfloor are a perfect way to Inspect a property as we can crawl in under the house and inspect for Termite leads, moisture, Rot, Ventilation and drainage concerns. Issues that occur with these types of properties are the fact that the home has a large subfloor underneath that is dark, at times wet, with limited ventilation that creates the perfect environment, plus we ad timber framing. We understand that most home owners never crawl underneath the house as why would you! its dark dirty and at times wet, the exact reason why you should call us now – The Pest Company.

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Termite Management AS3660.1-2014 allows for a Visual concrete Slab edge to be used as a visual termite barrier. The slab edge must be exposed to allow for a slab edge that is 75mm from the ground to top of slab to visual detect foraging for live termites.

 Perfect Example in this photo below demonstrates a perfect Exposed Slab edge of a house. As you can see the slab is exposed 75mm. The idea behind this Termite Management system is to keep the slab edge clear for regular inspections of the slab edge, if and when you inspect this area you will be looking for Termite Mud tubes/Leads traveling up the slab and usually into the Weep hole or any tiny little hole in the brick work, remember this method does not stop termites. Great cheap option for Termite Management is the exposed slab edge, although bare in mind there is nothing stopping the Termite in this situation. If you want protection in this type of construction – Call The Pest Company as we can apply a chemical Treated Zone or Termite barrier to prevent Termites crawling up the slab edge and into the house.

Rental Property’s are always a concern if no chemical is used, as tenants may not always check the 75mm exposed slab edge and often mistake Termite leads for ants and do not mention anything to the Real Estate, leading to a costly exercise for the home owner, especially when thousands and thousands are spent on treatments, protection and Termite Damage Repairs.

Exposed Slab Edge

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