Termite Barriers

Termite Barriers – A great way to protect properties from Termites!

That’s correct but not every home is suited to a Termite Barrier. Limitations apply to each and every property due to different Construction methods.

There Are A Few Types Of Termite Barriers”

Termite1. Chemical Barrier – The Chemical that is applied is normally applied to the soil under slabs, in and around perimeters of homes or under subfloors etc –  There are many different areas where Chemical barriers are used. The word “Barrier” is used in a “Chemical Barrier” when the Chemical it’s self is a repellant Chemical – A chemical that repells the Termites, stops them from entering into the area where the chemical is applied to the soil. The Issue at times with a Chemical barrier is the Termite can detect the chemical in the soil and may do its best to go further under the ground or climb up onto an untreated area to avoid the chemical applied to the soil. Termites are very smart and unpredicatable, take caution. The Chemical barrier is best applied when a full barrier can be applied successfully, a successful barrier will always depend on the structure of the property.  We Recommend Biflex Aqua Max ( Bifenthrin) when applying a Chemical Barrier.   (Luke Taylor)

2.  Chemical Treated Zone ( Often called a Chemical Barrier) – The Treated zone is applied in exactly the same way as the above Chemical Barrier (excluding active Termite Treatments – See Live Termite Treatment). A Termite “Treated Zone” is using a Chemical that does’nt repell termites, but allows Termites to forage through the treated areas, Termites do not detect “Non – Repellant” chemicals like – (Termidor – Fripronil) or (Premise imidacloprid) as they travel through the treated soil and eventually die through a tranfer effect directly to the nest!  Case studies are still ongoing and sometimes it is very difficult to determine if the nest has been destroyed as nests maybe hundreds of metres away from the treated zone, and multiple nests are also possible.   (Luke Taylor)

Termite3. Physical Barrier – Physical Barriers are used in todays market especially in Queensland during the building of a new home. There are numerous products on the market that are designed to be built inside the wall cavity to prevent “Concealed Termite entry only”  so in all these cases keep an eye out for Termite leads tracking up and around the home. Inspections are essential at least annually on all physical Termite barriers installed. Warranties will depend on inspections and the product installed. (Luke Taylor)

Alternatively if a Treated Zone or Barrier for an existing home is not the best option , take a close look at the Exterra Interception & Baiting System here – Exterra


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