Termite Barrier

Termite Barriers are a great way to protect Homes!

There are many reasons behind the type of Termite barrier selected on a given property.  When Termite Barriers go wrong it’s normally when they are applied to the incorrect type of Structure or even soil type. Whether the property is a brand new home in the planning stage or a house built 50 year ago, planning is required!

If a Termite barrier using a chemical (regardless of it’s name or repretation in the industry) if used to protect property’s , preparation is required and getting it wrong can damage a businesses repretation very quickly.

Using The Pest Company , you’ll discover we have the experience and a serious approach of making the right decision for protection, We protect your home and our business name we stand by “The Pest Company”

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The Gold Coast Termite barrier application can at times be an easy preparation in regards to treating sanding loams. but it’s very important to make sure the soil and or sand is ideal for the chemical application, as getting it wrong can cost.

The Pest Company have available for you – Many options to protect your home, Whether a Physical Barrier, Chemical Barrier or Baiting system.

Exterra Intereception & Baiting Sysetm a Great Way to protect propertys from Termites if you are on the look out for non chemical methods that are safe for you and the family.

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Termite Barrier Install At Varsity Lakes

Termite Barrier


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