Pre Purchase Inspection

Buying a New Home or Investing in a Property then rest assure The Pest Company will be available to help your buying decision .

Room And Windows

The Pest Company have inspected thousands of properties and we have the experience  when it comes to inspecting any property you wish to buy.

The Pre Purchase Timber Pest Inspection we carry out for you will cover Timber Pests as listed in the Australian Standards AS4349.3-2010.

Timber Pests includeTermites, Borers and Timber Decay(Rot), we also cover Drainage and leaks as Termites are attracted to the moisture which are conducive conditions, we do our best to ensure all the available areas are inspected.

It’s a very difficult and emotional time for any purchaser on the look out for a property to buy, so best to ensure the most important decision you make when you finalize the property you like, is to have a licensed and Qualified Inspector with experience to ensure your investment is free of Termites and also get provided with the right information in maintaining a Termite Free Property.

Pre Purchase Building & Pest Inspection – You’ve done the hard work up to now, call us today we will organize the inspection including your Building Inspection and get a suitable time booked in with all involved t get the inspection and written report out of the way.

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Selling Your Home?

The Pest Company Also Offer A Timber Pest Inspection (Termite Inspections) And Building Inspection Prior To Selling Your Home As A “Pre Sale Inspection”

It’s DevastatingTo Spend Thousands On Marketing Your Property To Sell !  Then You Find Out Right In The Middle Of The Sale That The Property Has Major Structural Defects,  Live Termites And Or Damage To The Property!

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