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We provide warranties on Pest Control Treatments, on completion of the services you will also obtain a Treatment advise notice detailing the treatment areas and pests serviced and warranties provided.

Residential Supreme Service Cockroaches, Ants , Spiders, Rodents. Complete Service with Warranty’s. Get a Quick Quote and save Big with The Pest Company on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Northern NSW.

A simple process makes all the difference, Pest Control is NOT about spraying huge amounts of chemical in a home, Pest Control is an integrated approach where by The Pest Company combine liquids, dusts and gels in known harbouring areas, Yes we knock down Cockroaches, Ants and spiders when we see them whilst on the job.

Did you know – You may find more pests around the home over the next few weeks ‘after a treatment’ because TPC® treat areas that you can’t see, like the roof void or wall cavity if if access is available. As Pests love to live in dark safe areas of the home, like roof voids and wall cavities, the treatment definitely brings them out from their hiding spots and into living areas where you will see them, rest assure they will die. Did you know, it is impossible for any pest control technician to stop every cockroach, spider or ant entering the home without placing a glass dome over the entire house as there are millions of cracks and crevices in the home that they can get through. Bare in mind TPC® do use quality products that are regarded as the top leading products used within the pest industry that have been trialled and tested in the market.

The way the treatment application works – When an insect comes in contact with the chemical applied only then will the insect die, but not instantly as the chemical has to do its work first. In stating this, the treatment prevents further harbouring where it is applied, furthermore this will stop any breeding within the home. The issue we have found when speaking with home owners that they were not informed how the process works.

  • Interior Skirting Boards Spray – YES
  • Cupboard Application – YES ( You also will not be required to move out all your gear)
  • Roof Void Treatment – YES
  • Wall cavity – Weep Hole treatment yes if available. Many rendered homes make this treatment difficult.
  • Exterior Spray – YES , Exterior walls, letter box, fences, Pergolas, Carports, Garden Sheds – We will provide a thorough Service.
  • Have a Request or concern we are always on the ball to ensure you are safe and we are happy to speak to you regarding a specific problem you may have at the moment or are concerned about. Rest assure, if we don’t have the answers we can get valuable assistance from an entomologist to assist as we would be crazy to say we can identify ever pest on there in Australia.

The Pest Company – Ant Treatment using Optiguard Ant Bait. See Below – We used Opitguard Ant Bait on Black Ants within a Kitchen and see for your self the result within seconds Ants start eating the bait. TREATMENT FOR BLACK ANTS, it may take 21 days to fully eradicate the ant colony.

Ants * Optigard Ant Bait does the job.

Rodents – Make use of our Rodent lockable Rodent Station for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Premises.

Rodent Station The Pest Company


Gold Coast, Brisbane and Northern NSW Pest Control Companies offer a very practical and Safe Service for Pest Control in servicing the property to manage Pests.

General Pest Control treatments  Cockroaches, Ants, Spiders and Silverfish.

Additional Services also offered – Wasps, Fleas, Rodents, Bees, Flys , Bed Bugs and always offering a Termite Inspection on the property.

The Pest Company Staff will always offer you a Termite Inspection on your property as its an essential requirement in the Australian Standards.

We cover on our General Pest Control Treatment – Cockroaches, Ants, and Spiders. This Covers the internal and external areas – and Warranties are provided.

We will also be sure to provide you on a arrival a brief run down on how we apply the treatment to be sure your property and family are safe.

We provide you with a Pest Management Advise Notice just to be sure you know exactly where we have applied the treatment in your home,

“Take advantage of our annual 12 month program” combined Pest Control Treatment and Termite Inspection for a reduced discount, Saving around $50 on an average 3 -4 bedroom home.

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